RDCOTA Covid Safety Plan

Business Resumption plan for limited opening.

For Seniors Infrmation Plus services and answering general enquires.

This plan also includes the Seniors Walk Safety plan.

Other plans are required before the office can be reopened for other activities

Please click on link below to read the plan

RDCOTA COVID-19 Business Resumption Plan August 2020

COVID – 19 Helpful documents

COVID -19 Vaccine NOW available for Phase 1b check to see if you are eligible ans see where it can be optained near you

COVID-19 – Vaccine eligibilty checker

How to wash hands Flyer 

New_HandWash_Poster Click Here

COVID -19 frequent Asked Question – Australian Department of Health

COVID-19 – Frequently asked questions

Know the Signs – Aust Health Depat Poster

Know the Signs Poster Click Here

Cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID-19 From Safe Work Aust

Cleaning for safty Click Here

Aust Dept Health Simple steps to stop the spread Poster

Simple-steps-to-stop-the-spread-coronavirus-covid-19 Poster Click Here

Fact sheet for Older Australians about Covid -19

Fact Sheet for Older Persons – Aust Health Department          Click Here

How to wash hands Flyer 

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Keeping your ditsance Flyer Aust Health Department

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