Redlands Seniors Network

The Redlands Seniors Network (RSN) is a group of organisations and individuals working together to
(a)  Enhance the quality of life for seniors in the Redlands
(b)  Advance the rights, needs and interests of seniors in the Redlands
(c)  Further the interests of seniors and/or their organisations

The purpose of the Redlands Seniors Network is to:

  • conduct joint activities and events of interest to seniors
  • work collaboratively to advocate on issues affecting seniors in the region
  • provide a forum for information sharing
  • provide a forum to identify community needs
  • provide a forum to review and discuss relevant research and legislation
  • participate in the Age-Friendly Redlands Committee (ARC) established by the Redland City Council.
  • provide support for the development of ideas
  • provide a forum to foster collaborative partnerships.

The objectives of the Redlands Seniors Network are to:

  • enrich the lives of seniors in the Redlands.
  • develop and maintain a strong and cohesive sector which is respected and valued for its demonstrated integrity, professionalism and willingness to collaborate.
  • build a sector that promotes capacity building initiatives which cultivate and shape individual and community resilience.
  • create strong communities through incremental change that is optimistic, achievable, inspirational and  enjoyable.
  • engage service providers which are committed to information and resource sharing.
  • reduce access barriers to services and facilities.

Membership is open to any person representing an organisation (or any individual) involved in delivering services or support to seniors in the Redlands. Membership of the network is free and is on a voluntary basis.


Meetings are held on the First Thursday of each month 

Currently these are held at the


Donald Simpson Centre

172 Bloomfield St, Cleveland QLD 4163

Meeting Times 9:00 am to 11:00


Contact the offices of RDCOTA for an invite and copy of the meetings agenda