RDCOTA has been successful in its application to be part of the Brisbane South Primary Health Network’s Healthy Ageing Hub Pilot Project.

We have been engaged to deliver targeted health and aged care information to seniors in the community over the next six months.

Redlands, including the islands, has been specified as our area ofoperation. Given the hotly contested application process, we are very proud to have been chosen to lead this project for Brisbane South, PHN (Primary Health Care)

By hosting various events and encouraging enquiries to our Seniors Information Plus service, RDCOTA will promote great awareness of health and ageing issues, and improve knowledge of the availability of services, particularly for seniors.

Two topics for event Presentations include ’Dementia Awareness’ and ‘Movement is Medicine’. Healthy Ageing Hub activities will allow RDCOTA members, and the wider community to provide input into primary health services being undertaken by Brisbane South PHN. These
activities will inform services design and result in relevant services, which in turn promote improved health and ageing outcomes. Regular meetings are held each month through to the end of June 2022 please contact the office on 3488 0680 or email seniors@rdcota.org.au with your email address to be added to the mailing list of events.


Healthy Ageing Hub
March & April events


Take the opportunity to enjoy a free morning tea while you learn something new related to seniors’ health presented as part of the Redlands Healthy Ageing Hub. While these events are free, we ask you to book in advance  by calling RDCOTA on 3488 0680 between 9.30 am and 2.00 pm weekdays or email seniors@rdcota.org.au .

Understanding Parkinson’s
10.15 am  – Tuesday, 22 March
Redlands Sporting Club, Wellington Point

What do you know about the world’s fastest growing neurological condition – Parkinson’s disease? Do Michael J Fox, Muhammad Ali and Billy Connolly come to mind? Look beyond the stereotype. Understanding what life is really like for people living with Parkinson’s will help you support those you know with the condition, as well as those in our community.

Supporting older people in the community: Diversicare
10.15 am –  Wednesday, 6 April
Redlands Sporting Club, Wellington Point

Do you know what percentage of the Australian population was born overseas? How many different languages are spoken in Australia?
Diversicare provides aged care services to people from various multicultural backgrounds. Their community care staff are also multicultural, speaking more than 40 different languages, helping to ‘match’ clients with an appropriate worker where possible.
Come along to this interesting presentation to hear how Diversicare supports older people in the community.

Nutrition for Healthy Ageing
10.15 am – Wednesday, 20 April
The Alexandra Hills Hotel

Diet quality has a significant effect on our health and physical condition irrespective of our age. However, as we get older we are at a particular risk of developing problems with our bone density, decreased cardiovascular health, poorer cognition, impaired eye health and a reduced immune system.

Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet is therefore of greater importance to reflect the changing needs of our bodies as we age. The right diet can also help to reduce your risk of developing common conditions or to manage any existing health problems you may be experiencing.


 NEW Project 

Compassionate Communities – Funded by Redland City Council

Share your experiences.
Together, as a community, we will explore

to support people at the end of life,
their loved ones and the bereaved

Live in Victoria Point or on Coochiemudlo Island? Are you from the Redlands or neighbouring areas and want to support quality of life and well being at the end of life for these communities?Whether you are a person living with a life-limiting condition, a family member or friend, a work colleague, business owner, school, health professional, faith-based or community group—become part of this Compassionate Communities discussion. Come to one of our Community Forums to share what our community is doing well! We want to hear about your experiences! Join in on a Death Café—in an open, relaxed way to discuss the reality of our mortality.

To register for and event contact RDCOTA 3488 0680, or email seniors@rdcota.org.au

Community Forum
Tuesday, 22 March – 6.00 to 7.30 pm
Share what our community is doing well

Community Forum
Wednesday, 23 March – 10.30 am to 12.00 noon
Share what our community is doing well
Coochiemudlo Island Community Hall

Death Cafe by the Bay
Thursday, 24 March – 10.30 am -to 12.00 noon
In and open, relaxed way discuss the reality of our mortality
Victoria Point Library

Community Forum
Friday, 25 March – 10.00 to 11.30 am
Share what our community is doing well
Victoria Point Librar

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Opening hours at office

Monday to Friday 

Open 9:30 to 14:30 (2:30pm)


please phone the office 07 3488 0680 to confirm open