Seniors Week Walk 2020 

WIth Covid there was a lot of changes. There was a lot of work in a short time to get this event working and be Covid Safe as Not untill July was the Walk allowed to take place and only then with a Covid Safety plan in place. Well done all.

Big groups were not allowed and to sort this smalled groups would social distance on crosses in the grass 2 meters appart for quick nstructions then pick up a bottle of water and start the walk

Thanks to Star Community Services who also supplied a Star driver fully qualified in first aid as well as helping to pick up any walker in difficulties.

Pictures supplied by Cathernie Williams of Star Community Services



Rob Spencer Star and Paul Barnes from RDCOTA with Star safety car
Rob Spencer (Star) and Paul Barnes (RDCOTA) WIth Star Safety car
Walkers Social Distance at Star line
Walkers Social Distancing for instructions before start of walk
Walkers are off
Walkers are off and keeping social distance well done walkers

Seniors Week Walk 2019

Mayor Karen Williams Opens the Seniors Week Walk
Seniors week walk walm up

Morning Tea after the walk

Donald Simpson Community Centre Arts and Craft Exhibition

Oakland Street Community Gardens Open day grand opening of children’s play area

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